Garden buildings, rooms, studios and offices etc large & small made in Cambridge

Our garden buildings/studios are high quality, quick to erect and unbeatable value for money. Why not have one as your office?

You will gain an improved work-life balance as your garden office allows you to be close to your family whist giving you enough privacy, peace and quiet to get on with work. It also provides a professional environment for meetings and you will save money and time on commuting costs allowing a boost to your productivity with an improved quality of life.

Whether you need a small studio for your hobby or a large, corner garden room for your business our experienced team will advise you on the type of building that will suit your requirements. Built to the highest standard, crafted in Cambridge, UK we offer a wide range of finishes from brick to timber, slate to UPVC.

Our friendly team will keep you involved every step of the way and will always go the extra mile to ensure high standards are met resulting in the perfect outdoor room to suit your needs. A small hideaway in the corner of your garden can be the ideal place to relax, a large space for exercising or partying the night away or an art studio to help you express your creative side, our Cambridge team can help you realise your dreams.

We offer excellent value for money. Why not compare the cost of our studios to the cost of an extension or loft conversion?
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