2nd Coton Studio for Paula and Sam

Paula and Sam – Coton

Family Cinema and Gym Room

Project Brief

Paula and Sam were customers for one of our very first Studio's that we built when Cambridge Garden Studios first started. They had enjoyed that extra space so much, that even before they moved, they called us and arranged a site visit with the still present owners at the time. Their first Studio was lovely (you can see this Sadlers Close Studio further down the "projects so far" page) but this new Studio puts it to shame. Again finished in beautiful Cedar, with a single sheet rubber roof, composite decking around the outside. Sam and Paula new that as before, they could ask us to design pretty much anything that they wanted, so they had done some research when they sat down with Ben our designer abd between them they came up with this fantastic and inspiring Studio. This time they asked us to oil it for them, rather than do it themselves. This will make sure that the beautiful fresh colours of the Cedar will be maintained for ever, but obviously needing one or two more coats as the years pass. We used Hardi-Plank on the two back sides, as these are pretty tight to boundaries and maintenance wont be so easy, so now thyese sides are completely maintenance free. This studios is bigger than 30 square metres, so we registered it with the Council building Inspectors for the appropriate inspections.

Testimonial and Bathroom Picture

To Follow


  • Built in Window and Door Blinds
  • These are built into the double glazed units, so dust wont collect on them.
  • Cedar Cladding
  • Composite Decking