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Fen Stanton


Home Study and Gym

Build Information

The bespoke design suits the garden perfectly, and the cedar cladding with the anthracite grey doors and windows finishes this modern space beautifully. One half is a gym, with full size fitted wall mirrors and a rubber floor and the other half is a lovely spacious home study room.

Additional Information

If this studios was within 2 metres of a boundary, it would of needed planning permission for the extra height, as hopefully you can tell it is over 2.5 metres tall, but in this case our clients had ample room in order to keep it 2 metres away.


Cedar Cladding

  • This cedar has been oiled to keep its lovely natural colour. Its fine if you like the silver aged look, but beware it will show water stain marks after a while and those bits will go black.

Composite Decking

  • At the base, you will see composite decking, so zero maintenance there and long life. DID YOU KNOW? (Cambridge Garden Studios are now a stockist of the most popular composite decking in the UK)

Internal Finishes

  • All of our Studios are fully plastered, just like any room in your house and fully wired with a Certified Electricians certificate. You just tell us what electrical fittings you would like, how many and where and consider it done.

Completely Bespoke

  • As usual, this is 100% the clients design (along with our expert sales teams advice of course) The Gym room required extra height, so this one is 3 meters rather than 2.5m. The two sides that are not seen will typically covered in hardi-plank cladding which is zero maintenance and a bit cheaper than the cedar.

Roof Covering

  • The roof covering is a single rubber sheet system, so no joints and no going brittle and splitting in years to come like felt does. We are approved installers of this and it has a 15 year manufacturers guarantee, but a life expectancy of 30 plus years.