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Glebe – Garden Home from Home

Garden Home from Home

This beautiful Hardi-Plank Studio was an exact match to the colour scheme of the main house.

Project Brief

Our clients love the feeling of being on holiday, they love entertaining out in the garden and so we produced this little home from home space in the garden for them to get away to. I have to say that it does just feel wonderful too.

Shower Room

Complete with a practical and stylish shower room and a small kitchenette, you really can spend the night away from the house and so can the kids when they come and stay, though i`m not sure our clients are going to be willing to give it up that easy to be honest :-)



  • This cladding wasn`t just chosen for its zero maintenance, but also the choice of now 25 colours (3 more colours have just been released) and one of which matched the main house exactly.


  • Again this studio is fully plastered and wired with a Certificate, so just like any extension would be. Some clients choose to do their own decorating, but of course we would much prefer to use our professionals as we did on this one.